How the coronavirus has affected WNBA players overseas

March 24, 2020
USA Basketball Statement Regarding the Postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games

The decision to postpone the 2020 Olympics was a difficult decision and it was the correct one. USA Basketball is in full agreement and support of the decision made by the IOC and the Japanese government to postpone the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The health, wellness and safety of the world, as well as our athletes, coaches, staff and fans is USA Basketball’s No. 1 priority and this postponement was necessary to ensure that. As further details become known, USA Basketball will work towards fielding and best preparing its Olympic basketball teams for 2021 and we will do so in a way that we hope will continue USA Basketball’s Olympic legacy and continue to make all Americans proud.

オリンピック延期の決定は、難しい決定だったし、正しいものだった。USA Basketballは、IOCと日本政府によって行われたオリンピック延期の決定に完全に同意し、支持している。世界、及び、アスリート、コーチ、スタッフ、ファンの健康、ウェルネス、安全は、USA Basketballの最優先事項であり、この延期は、それを確実なものにするために必要だった。さらなる詳細が判明したら、USA Basketballは、2021年のオリンピック・チームの候補者を立て、最高の準備をする事に取り組むだろうし、願わくば、USA Basketballのオリンピックの遺産を継続し、アメリカ人全員を誇らしく思わせ続けられるようなやり方で、そうするだろう。

March 24, 2020
How the coronavirus has affected WNBA players overseas

Gabby Williams left her home on the morning of March 19 in Montpellier, France, to go for a run on the neighboring beach. Running on the beach had become a part of her daily routine after her season with French club Basket Lattes Montpellier Agglomeration was suspended on March 12 due to concerns over the coronavirus.
While on her run, Williams ran past the house of one of her teammates and popped in to say hi. Her teammate asked if Williams had seen the news. That morning, the mayor of Montpellier had closed the beaches, following up on French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision earlier that week for the entire country to stay inside their homes apart from “groceries, exercise or emergency.”
“By the time I returned home, all the cops were locking down everything and keeping people out,” Williams said.

Gabby Williamsは、3月19日の朝、Montpellier/Franceの家を出て、近くのビーチへ走りに出かけた。ビーチでのランニングは、日常的習慣の一部になった-フランスのクラブ・Basket Lattes Montpellier Agglomerationが、コロナウイルスに対する懸念のために、3月12日に(活動)停止になった後で。
ランニング中、Williamsは、チームメートの家を通過し、挨拶をするために立ち寄った。チームメートは、Williamsがニュースを見たかどうか尋ねた。その朝、Montpellierの市長は、ビーチを閉鎖して、フランスの大統領・Emmanuel Macronの外出制限措置の決定を実行に移した。

Life was changing quickly for Williams overseas.
Williams, who plays in the WNBA for the Chicago Sky, is just one of dozens of players who have seen their overseas seasons suspended due to the global coronavirus pandemic. From Istanbul to Israel, many Americans playing their second seasons in all corners of the world have had to make urgent travel plans to return home to the United States. However, this comes with the difficult decision of breaking their contracts with their international teams and risking the loss of compensation. For many American players, the earning potential from playing overseas supersedes their WNBA contracts.

WNBAでは、Chicago SkyでプレーしているWilliamsは、世界的なコロナウイルス・パンデミックのために、シーズンが停止されるのを見た何ダースもの選手達の一人でしかない。IstanbulからIsraelまで、世界中の至る所で第二のシーズンを行っている多くのアメリカ人は、アメリカへ帰国する緊急の旅行計画を作らなければならなかった。しかしながら、これには、国際的なチームとの契約を破り、報酬の喪失を危険にさらすという難しい決断が付随する。多くのアメリカ人選手にとって、海外でプレーする所得の可能性は、WNBAの契約に優先している。

In China, Connecticut Sun forward Theresa Plaisance, who played for the Shaanxi Red Wolves of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), believes she had contracted the virus and was in a hospital for multiple days. But her team was still forced to play. According to reports, she traveled home to the U.S. and refused to return to China. The CBA suspended play on Feb. 1.
In Italy, Las Vegas Aces forward Dearica Hamby was placed on a mandatory quarantine after playing in Milan. She had been living with her 3-year-old daughter and mother in Italy, but sent them home to the U.S. ahead of her own return.

中国で、Shaanxi Red WolvesでプレーしているTheresa Plaisanceは、ウイルスに感染したと思い、数日間入院した。しかし、チームは、プレーする事を強いられた。報告によると、彼女は、アメリカの家に帰り、中国に戻るのを拒否した。CBA(協会)は、2月1日に試合を停止した。
イタリアで、Dearica Hambyは、Milanでプレーした後、強制的に隔離された。彼女は、イタリアで、3才の娘、母と一緒に生活していたが、彼女自身の帰国に先立って、彼女達をアメリカへ帰国させた。

“It’s a situation where you’re in a contract over here, but if you leave before the season is up, then you break your contract and that gets into, ‘do we pay you, do we not?’ ” said Dallas Wings guard Kaela Davis, who plays for Bellona Kayseri Basketbol in Turkey.
For Davis, she was waiting on a decision from the league in Turkey. According to Davis, Turkey had taken extra precautions during the onset of the spread of the virus. But it wasn’t until recently that positive coronavirus tests led to a heightened response within the country. Finally, on March 19, Turkey’s youth and sports minister, Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoglu, announced the suspension of basketball and other sports in the country.

”ここで契約しているけれど、シーズンが終わる前に立ち去れば、契約を破る事になり、それは、”お金を支払うのか?払わないのか?”に足を踏み入れる事になる状況です”-と、TurkeyのBellona Kayseri BasketbolでプレーしているKaela Davisは述べた。
ついに、3月19日、Turkeyの青年スポーツ大臣・Mehmet Muharrem Kasapogluは、その国でのバスケット、他のスポーツの停止を公表した。

“Up until that point everything had been really normal. They hadn’t closed anything down, everything had been fine,” Davis said. “One case popped up and it kind of sent everybody into a panic.”
While Davis has been able to travel back home to the States, she’s unsure what’s next for her Turkish team.
“We can all attest to the fact that this is an ever-changing thing. We don’t really know what’s going to happen with that,” Davis said in a video on Twitter. “It’s exciting to be going home, but it’s not like we’re going home to a normal thing.”


Williams, meanwhile, is still in France. She has family in Paris but has chosen not to self-isolate with family in case she could be carrying the virus. Given her team’s schedule with the French league and Euroleague, she believes there is a “great” chance that she was exposed to the virus. In the last month alone, she played against teams from Turkey, Belgium, Spain and France. Williams’ team also played in Italy, now the epicenter of the pandemic, in late January.

その一方、Williamsは、まだフランスにいる。Parisに家族がいるけれど、家族と自宅待機(自己隔離)しない方を選んだ-ウイルスを運んでいない場合は。フランスのリーグ、Euroleagueの予定を考えると、ウイルスにさらされた”大きな”可能性があると、彼女は思っている。先月だけで、彼女は、Turkey, Belgium, Spain and Franceのチームと試合をした。Williamsのチームも、1月末に、Italy-今やパンデミックの震源地-でもプレーした。

“I just have to be responsible,” said Williams, who added that should she need to seek testing it is both free and accessible to her in France. “We have elderly people in our family and that would be irresponsible of me to go stay with them for the quarantine.”
Williams, who is fluent in French, will remain in Montpellier, waiting for word on whether her overseas season will be canceled or continued. She said she will be compensated until a decision is made.


“I think for me, I’m just waiting to see what’s going to be the safest option,” Williams said. “There’s no rush for me to come back to the States. I’m as much French as I am American.”
Williams tries her best to keep to a daily routine: Runs in the morning, sprints outside her house, indoor yoga, cleaning and cooking. It helps make the days go by.


“I’m just hoping one day to turn on the news and it’s going to say, ‘Oh, down this many cases, oh, the line is finally decreasing,’ ” Williams said. “It’s out of the league’s control. It’s a worldwide issue.”
The upcoming WNBA season is set to begin on May 15, but the league has yet to announce whether that start date will be pushed back.
“You really just have to appreciate the game because you’re never going to know if it’s the last time you’re going to step on the court.”

来るWNBAシーズンは、May 15に始まる事になっているが、リーグはまだ、その開始日が延期されるのかどうか発表していない。






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